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Week 6 – Heads Held High!!!

Published on 2012-05-17 by in Featured, Standard

Pens vs Jets

The Pens were back at full force tonight and this made it a hard run for the Jets.  Pens goalie was snapping balls out of the air and the two Jets goalies were doing everything in their power to keep their team in the game.  The Pens were making great passes and star forwards were making great goals.  Unfortunately again the Jets team work and drive kicks in as the clock is running down and ultimately they run out of time.  The Jets were getting it together double teaming star Pens to shut them down but in the end the Pens prevail.

Final Score 11-6 Pens


Caps vs Bruins

Well this game on both sides of the court needed a wake up call.  The first period was a one one game and really not a lot of shots on either net.  The buzzer to end the first period woke up the Bruins but the Caps seemed flat and deflated after a short lived lead.  The Caps would push to the net and score and when the Bruins retaliated with a goal it would take the Caps a bit to regroup.  This cost them tonight’s game and the Bruins are pushing their winning streak to four!!!

Final Score 8-2 Bruins


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What to Look for in Week 6

Published on 2012-05-09 by in Standard

The Jets need to play hard and not give up. Even though the Jets are down they battle hard.  We want to see more of this and we want the fans to come out and support them again.  Keep at it and the win will come.

The Bruins played great this week down a lot of players and two forwards sharing the role of goal tender.  Next week we want to see a tighter game and more great passes.  This team is really coming together and are playing well we want to see more of this for sure.

Next week the Caps need to ride this week’s victory to take on the pumped Bruins. The Caps really brought it this week and they need to keep this going.  The Caps have found their groove again and are gelling as a team.  Awesome.

Where did the Pens go??  What do we want to see next week from the deflated Pens???  We want to see a team holding their heads high when they are winning or losing.  They can not give up and they have to play hard the whole game all the time.  The Pens star forward is scoring goals like crazy but we need too see the team work hard together all the time.

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Week 5 – And they ultimately fall!!

Published on 2012-05-09 by in Featured, Standard

Pens vs Bruins

 The night change hurt both teams tonight as the Bruins had one man on the bench and the Pens had no subs.  The Pens came on strong trying hard to keep their undefeated title.  Star Pens forward scoring almost all the goals tonight and the Bruins pulling together again putting forwards in net made for an interesting game.  Unfortunately the Pens ran out of steam in the third period and found themselves in unfamiliar down position.  The Pens gave up and Pens goalies was all on her own.  The Bruins capitalized on the tired Pens and drove this one home and the mighty Pens fall to the fierce Bruins.

Final Score 10-16 Bruins


Caps vs Jets

Wow what a great game all the way to the final buzzer.  The Jets had the biggest cheering section we have seen this whole season but the Caps did not let this get to them.  The Caps drove to the net and played great as a team.  The Jets goalie made some great saves but he needed his team to push as hard as they pushed in the last minutes of the third period.  The Jets are passing and trying to take advantage of some key plays but unfortunately they fall again this week to the strong Caps.

Final Score 8-12 Caps


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Week 4 – What a Beautiful Play…What a Great Save!!!

Published on 2012-05-03 by in Featured, Standard

Jets vs Bruins

Oh my goodness.  I know I say this a lot but the goal tending tonight was amazing.  Snapping balls out of the air, not giving up the rebound and just stellar moves by both goal tenders.  The Jets again are not by any means being out played they are just being out scored.  This game was a nail biter and came right down to the wire.  The Bruins kept putting balls at the net and the Jets worked hard as a team.  Unfortunately for the Jets again they just ran out of time and fell to the Bruins for the second time.

Final Score 7-6 Bruins

Caps vs Pens

The Caps took advantage of the slow starting Pens and were up by a goal early.  Unfortunately for the Caps, Pens forwards started scoring and making NHL like passes to the net.  This game got away from the Caps quickly and the Pens pelted Caps goal tender with shot after shot.  The Caps goalie did every thing he could but he needed his defence to help.  Do not be fooled the Caps forwards were on fire returning the favour shooting every thing at Pens goalie but she is HOT, HOT, HOT AGAIN!! The Caps don’t give up and the Pens wake up and drive another victory home.

Final Score 12-7 Pens


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What to Look for in Week 5

Published on 2012-05-03 by in Standard

The Jets again come on strong at the end of the second period and all of the third period.  Making great passes, spreading out and taking the shot.  This team is going to be a threat.  They are gelling as a team and they are playing hard.  Next week what do we need to see from the Jets?  Heads held high and the great playing we see at the end of the game from the first ball drop.

The Bruins are playing well with great passing and good team play.  The Bruins scored early this week and then tried to keep their lead.  Next week we need to see the Bruins attacking the net every period with key passes and capitalizing on key scoring opportunities.

Next week the Caps need to play defence as well as offence.  When the Caps are on they are on.  They seem to have lost their groove.  They need to remember the passing, shooting and defensive play that they are capable of and BRING IT next week.

How long will this streak last?  The answer is for as long as their goal tender is hot and their forwards pass and score.  Hat tricks are common from Pens star forwards.  What do we want to see next week from the undefeated Pens?  We want to see more passing and some opportunities for new stars to rise.

Remember next week ball hockey is on Tuesday Night with the Pens vs Bruins at 6pm and the Caps vs Jets at 7pm.  See you then!

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What to Look for in Week 4

Published on 2012-04-26 by in Standard

Wow…undefeated let’s see if the Pens can keep this momentum going. Hat tricks again for Pens key players. The Pens have to remember that they can’t leave Pens forwards alone at the offensive net. You need to play as a team in front of both nets and key players need to force the pass and shot.

Next week the Caps need to remember the momentum from last week and rally to face the Pens. The Caps need to keep going to the net as a team and help the goalie out. Remember passing and setting up the goal is important and this was forgot this week against the Bruins and they need to find it again against the Pens.

The Jets came together in the third period this week and next week they need to bring this the whole game. The Jets are getting the short end of the stick; playing hard as a team and really trying but the lack of the win is hard. Next week the Jets need to play hard and keep trying.

The Bruins played a great game this week short players. Next week they need to take this team momentum and play hard against the Jets. The Bruins are a strong team and this week they rallied together. It was great to see and I hope we see it again next week.

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