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REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE 2017-2018 SEASON … if interested please contact Pat for more information!

Renegades Lacrosse 03

A unique private program established to encourage and enhance strong character development in young children through the “Gentleman’s Game” of field lacrosse.  Our program is presently open to 2009, 2010 and 2011 birth years.   Emphasis will be placed on understanding the concept of team play, positional play and strategy.  



This will be achieved through: establishing strong values, learning to set goals, developing strong work ethic, positive sportsmanship, critical thinking skills, good nutrition, physical fitness training, studying plays and videos, skill development and of course fun.

Our philosophy is based on the notion of a Noble Warrior, an individual who plays for the greater good of a team.  We will tailor individual character plans to meet your child’s needs as he journeys down his path to becoming a student athlete. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in various team building activities, trips, events and excursions to help build character and a sense of community.

A year round indoor training facility located at Ridgeway Hockey, will be the home base for Renegades Lacrosse.  The training facility will be used for skill development, shooting, fitness training, classroom/video analysis, box style play, etc.  Also, we will use the full sized grass field located behind the Crystal/Ridge Community Centre.

In addition, Sinnicks Indoor Dome in Niagara Falls will be another facility used by the Renegades.  This will allow us the opportunity to practice and play on full sized indoor U9 turf field.  We will practice, play games and host our own winter tournament.  We will also periodically schedule games with both US and Canadian teams.
Please contact me for additional information or questions.  As well to set up your interview for admission into the program.  I can be reached at: 289.969.1974 or emailed at: Pat.Mete@gmail.com