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Required Equipment

All players MUST wear the following equipment: helmet, shin pads (including knee coverage), elbow pads, hockey gloves, non-marking shoes, non-marking hockey stick (no tape on blade) and team shirt provided.

Game Play

4 players on at a time (normally 3 players and a goalie – however, goalie may be pulled for an extra player ).
3 – 12 minute periods (2 points for win, 1 point for a tie).  Changes are made at 1:30 to 2:00 minutes approx. on ref whistle.

Coaches/volunteers running the bench will roll the lines evenly ensuring all kids have equal play.  In playoffs coaches/volunteers must play all players and if in overtime the coaches may rearrange the lines before the start of overtime but they must still roll the lines on the change.

Penalties – slashing, tripping, roughing, interference and unsportsmanlike conduct.  A penalty is a 30 seconds in their respective benches.
3 penalties in a game results in removal of player from game


Teams ranked 1 through 4 by points
Tiebreaker – most wins, head to head, goals for vs. goals against

Division A

1 plays 4
2 plays 3

Division C

5 plays 6

Winners in Division A  play for League Championship

Other two teams play for Consolation Championship

Division C teams ranked 5 and 6 will play each other again.

***In the event of a tie in the Division A Championship and the Consolation Championships games will go into sudden death overtime to determine a winner.  The overtime period will be 6 minutes with a regular rotation of kids no double shifting unless the bench warrants. If no winner is determined after the overtime period it will go into a shootout.  Three shooters from each team will be chosen, if the tie is not broken three new shooters will be chosen…etc.  The shooters can only repeat if all shooters have had a turn.

***Division C is a two game playoff.  If the teams split the two games after the last game there will be a shoot out where the whole team shoots once, if there is still a tie the teams select three shooters, if still a tie one shooter per team will be chosen with no repeats until all shooters have had a turn.  This will continue until a winner is determined.