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Recommended equipment: protective eye wear, gloves and shin guards.


Any fighting will result in eviction from the league.

Any confrontations will result in removal from the game and possible game suspensions.

High stick is cross bar.
No slap shots over shoulder.
Tying up the ball(stepping on it or pressing ball up against the boards) other than the goalie results in ball possession for the other team.
After every goal, scoring team need to check up at the red line, all 3 players on their side at the same time, then they can attack immediately after.
When play continues the team that was scored on cannot score until the ball has crossed centre. As well, the shot must start after crossing. If the shot starts behind centre and finishes across the line no goal will be counted and other team gains possession.
On loss of possession, team with the ball has to start from behind their blue line.
Goalie can only hold the┬áball for 5 sec after covering the ball. Can’t hang on until team changes line.
Penalties are one minute at your respective bench. More than 3 penalties in one game will result in game eviction.

  • Hooking
  • Slashing
  • Cross checking
  • Body checking
  • Elbowing
  • Tripping
  • Roughing
  • Interference


The Ref has the final call on the court.
During playoffs, last 5 min, stop time.
Not following the rules in consistent manner will result in eviction from the league.